Becky Ruland

Founder of

International Networx

Becky Ruland is the founder and CEO of International Networx, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit Christian missionary organization based in her home state of Texas. She lived for 14 years in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and China, and has traveled to more than 20 countries.


She and International Networx build and collaborate with teams to help people fulfill their Great Commission callings, whether serving widows and orphans with humanitarian aid, managing a church construction project or rescuing vulnerable foreign students from the grips of human trafficking.


Imparting generations of artisanry, Becky's skilled partners train young Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian men to come alongside pastors, missionaries and Christian leaders to build large, sturdy, modern structures in the former Soviet Union. Their expanding portfolio includes 30 churches, a drug rehab center, an orphan camp, a community center that assists refugees and victims of war, a missionary training base, and beautiful houses.


Becky compels everyone she encounters to watch out for the welfare of foreign university students who visit the USA on summer temporary J-1 student work visas. She networks closely with local churches, police and community leaders to establish programs that help prevent human trafficking among these vulnerable future leaders.


As a professional speaker and former small business owner, she draws from a well of wisdom that groups of all sizes enjoy hearing. She also enjoys singing and sometimes throws in a song or two.


Becky’s autobiography, “Piercing The Iron Curtain: My Journeys of Faith” keeps readers turning pages to learn of God’s signs, wonders and miracles in her life on the mission field. You may click on any of the following links to buy her book in paperback, e-book, and audiobook.



























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