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"Last-in money" to finish interior construction.  International Networx framed this massive missionary training center. Other buildings on their 8-acre campus are now complete and we must press forward to help MAXIMIZE YWAM-Kyiv's mission IMPACT for Eurasia!  Your donation helps to unlock MATCHING FUNDS when we reach $100,000.  Thank You.

Ukraine - Mission Training Center, YWAM-Kyiv

We partner with several missionaries who help people in China in many ways.  Their service is too sensitive to publish publicly. We can share details in a phone call or e-mail. You can designate your gift on the next donate screen.  Thank you.

China - Designate your gift after clicking DONATE below


Today you can go into Eastern Asia with your prayers and by providing financial support to Irena K and those people she serves on the front line. Holding missionaries' hands, you become a co-worker of God's work in Asia!

East Asia - Irena K


International Networx partners with NOVO missionaries serving Pathways, Serbia. There is a deep need for the peace of Christ in Novi Sad where Mariana and her team express hope, grace and mercy.  Thank you for helping and praying.

Serbia - Pathways to Hope, Grace and Mercy, Mariana Imbert


Pam Anderson leads mission trips to Ghana, W. Africa to conduct ministers' conferences and to Jamaica where she and her late husband operated a bible college. On the horizon are Haiti and Israel. Your donations will help send her to other nations to help undergird and support young disciples and missionaries. 

Ghana, Jamaica, Haiti, Israel - Missionary Trainer, Pam Anderson


The Joshua Project is an Irish, faith-based non-profit organization. Its mission is to bring those in systemic issues of poverty, joblessness, drug addiction and abuse into a healing relationship with Jesus, providing skills training and connection with social entrepreneurial enterprises. Your donations will help to train Ericka as a leader in the project in order to establish another chapter in Navin, Ireland.


Ireland - Joshua Project, Ericka Lynch


International Networx is partnering with New Song International to build a foster family center for special needs orphans in Western Ukraine. We have tremendous favor from the government as they implement new laws to abolish institutional orphanages.  Click here to learn about New Song's ministry.

Ukraine - Special Needs Orphan Center


At 15-years old, orphans must leave the orphanages where they've lived most of their lives. Not knowing fully how to care for themselves, they can often end up in risky situations. We plan to build a transitional center where they can own their own tiny homes. Christian families will live nearby to mentor them toward successful adult lives. Thanks for helping us to build this secure community for teen orphans.

Belarus - Global Childrens Assistance, Katia C 

проект церкви copy.jpg

Now is the time to finish building Abundant Life Church in Minsk, Belarus.  The basement foundation is ready. We need $70 - $80,000 USD to complete our church building. ALC is partnering with a Christian school that currently rents a house for their classes. They are eager to participate in the construction so that the building will be available for them in the mornings. Thanks for giving generously!

Belarus - Abundant Life Church construction, Minsk