A Setup for Human Trafficking

This summer, foreign university students will pay from $10 -to- $21 million US dollars for the experience to work in the overcrowded tourist city of Myrtle Beach, SC. Each one is excited for this chance in a lifetime to pause from their university studies and travel to the land of opportunity. Whether from Russia, Moldova, Ireland, Turkey, or another of 50+ nations, each 18-24 year-old student will pay a sponsoring agency from $2500-$5000.

Of course Tatiana and her friends at university smile for the promo shot. Each one expects they will get a great job in the Eastern Seaboard city making a lot of money working in the tourism industry. They could choose any of the hundreds of tourist cities across the United States. Because it's a well-promoted beach destination, what student wouldn't give their all to go to Myrtle Beach?

Convincing mom, dad and grandparents to permit her to do what was inconceivable in Soviet Russia, Tatiana forks over the liquid asset from the sale of the family car. The whole family invests in her summer experience. After all, she'll make so much money in the land of opportunity that a newer car will soon shine in front of their house, boasting of the family's confidence in their future leader. Knowing that the young energetic law student will work in an American city where the streets are paved with gold and money grows on trees, all expect in a few months the wealthy young adult will return with pockets bulging.

Unfortunately, the smiles begin to fade at the end of the 2nd week in Myrtle Beach. Why? Catch the next blog to find out...

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