Phone call at dusk:

"Becky, I have a Chinese girl standing on my front porch. I don't know what to do with her. Please come help!"

Phone call on my way to my shop:

"Becky, he shout at us, say bad words, beating on door. We afraid. We don't know how call police. Please help!"

Phone call to my business at 3pm:

"Becky someone told me about you. I'm at a department store parking lot and there's a group of students with their luggage and bikes huddled under a tree. It's 98 degrees and they were kicked out of their motel at 3 this morning. Can you come help?"

Phone call at 11pm:

"Becky we 4 just got kicked out of the house. Landlord changed locks. We have nowhere to go. Can we come stay tonight with you?"

Student in my shop:

"That motel is the WORST! The ceiling in bathroom falling in. Black mold everywhere! Cockroaches run on my bed..."

Student relocating to another city:

"Becky, that work too heavy for me. My back hurts all the time. They don't listen me. Say I can quit if I don't do that job."

Visit to the hospital:

"Becky, she was hit by a car as she crossed the busy intersection. She has serious fractures in her neck and back."

...and on it goes. I closed my business. I can help more. Will you help? Click here.

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